epres Bond Repair Treatment Kit

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Brand epres
Product Type Hair Treatment
Hair Concern Damage
Hair Concern Strengthening
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Next Generation Bond Repair at Home

This is the bond repair revolution in your own home. epres Bond Repair Treatment Kit is powered by cutting-edge chemistry to deliver deep, lasting hair repair in one simple step. This spray-on treatment actively rebonds hair’s internal structure without disturbing its ideal pH balance. Hair is softer and stronger with dramatically reduced breakage and frizz. Unique liquid molecule technology diffuses incredible repair through each strand for hours after application. Easy to use: forget multiple steps and products, this one-step solution works in only 10 minutes. Easy on the environment: highly concentrated, waterless formula consists of just four 100% vegan, biodegradable ingredients. Use as a stand-alone treatment or to maintain results from epres Professional Bond Repair in-salon service.

To Use: Mix 1 x 15ml epres treatment concentrate into the epres atomiser spray bottle with water, then spray onto hair until fully saturated. Leave on hair for at least 10 minutes. Cleanse and style as usual. Use 1-2 times per week to restore stronger and shinier hair, then weekly to maintain results.

  • At-home bond repair treatment kit
  • Stronger and softer hair with less breakage and frizz
  • Incredible repair for all hair types and textures
  • Fast: results in just 10 minutes
  • Easy to use: one simple step
  • Easy on the environment: highly concentrated, waterless formula consists of just four 100% vegan, biodegradable ingredients
  • Use as a stand-alone treatment or to maintain results from epres Professional Bond Repair in-salon service
  • Contains 2 x 15ml treatment bottles and one atomiser spray bottle
  • Creates 300ml of Bond Repair Treatment when mixed with water
  • Acid-free, cruelty-free and 100% vegan
  • Suitable for use on wigs and extensions
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Customer Reviews
5 stars based on 334 reviews
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I love it!! My hair changed a lot, now is healthy and beautiful!!!!!!

Loreto Doucet ,
Great product

Makes hair smoother and reduces frizz dramatically. Highly recommend.

audra bilbo ,

Game changer

Elisa Bookman ,
Best repair solution I've ever found

Absolutely love the Epres Bond Repair Treatment. It has brought my color damaged hair back to life and helped me grow it out healthier than ever. So happy I found this product.

Lisa Hopkins ,

What isn’t there to love about something that makes your hair look and feel amazing ??

TyLynn Osborn ,
Bond repair treatment

It is helping my hair be smoother & looking healthier! It has significantly helped with the short frizzy hairs not sticking out as much, after 2 treatments!

Jeannie McLaughlin ,
Happy customer

Only have used it 3 times and starting to see a difference in my hair. It seems healthier and holds my curled longer. Love it!

Diana Sly ,
Amazing product

Easy to use and improves texture and breakage dramatically

Leslie jones ,
Great product

Absolutely love the way my hair feels now... have less breakage... thank you!!!

Debby Hellin ,
Great product

It works great.

Christopher Tsao ,
Well needed assistance

I am still planning the "big chop", this is making it an exciting experience. Thank you!

Phyllis Baca ,
Great Product

I'm new to discovering Epres and Loving it so far. Iv'e done a half dozen clients so far and their hair is so soft and feels and looks Amazing.

Evelyn Claytor ,

Awesome! I have bleached white hair. Peres keeps my hair strong and soft, never brittle or feeling like straw! Love the sprayer and simple mixing with water. Looking forward to more new innovative products!

paul premo ,
Love the formula, not a fan of the packaging

I really love this product. I have used it twice overnight to repair my dry, heat-damaged hair, type 4 hair. Before, my hair was very brittle and fragile. After using this product for the very first time, my hair felt so strong that it didn't feel like mine. It was strong and detangled easily, like I had a fresh haircut. My heat-damaged curls are also coming back to life slowly. I will definitely keep this as part of my routine.

Raven Osborn ,

Tried epres for the first time on my coworker at the salon. Pictures are unedited. Applied epres for 10minutes followed by demineralization. Notice her ends, no haircut was given; only basic blowout and iron work. As of today, a week later, the quality of her hair fiber remains. We will be doing a bleach and tone next week, and incorporate epres into the chemical services, pictures to come…The next generation of hair technology has arrived~

Joseph Haslam ,
My hair has never been this soft!

I bought the product while visiting the states.I was blown away by how effective and EASY it. is to use. My hair has never been this soft or this strong. Thankfully I bought a few extra bottles. Can't wait till it is sold in France.

Georgia GRUEN ,
This stuff works

Was skeptic but my hair needed to be revived and I was willing to run a trial of products to find a solution. After some research I decided on Epres and gotta say it’s a winner. My hair feels healthy without the weight or any residue, just clean and soft. In my opinion the price is right. I got 3 full treatments from the first container and it comes in packs of two containers. Convenient and easy to mist soak the hair. So far treatment seems to last but I haven’t done a test of treat and wait enough time to see if it goes away. Will finish the second container then wait between next order.

Cynthia Gowda ,
My hair feels so soft

Epres is easy to mix and apply. It has a faint chemical smell, but I am glad they don't add fragrance. It is definitely safe to leave on longer than 10 minutes. I have slept in Epres. My hair is super soft. I would definitely buy again.

Christine Kogut ,

Wow just freaking wow. I’ve got curly high porosity bleached hair. I take really good care of it so it’s not bad BUT it’s bleached hair. I use this one time…ONE time. My hair is like virgin hair. This knocks them all out of the water.

Rod ,
Outstanding product!!

I am 68 years old and struggling with thinning hair that seems to get more frizzy and awful with each passing. year! I saw this reviewed by Abbey Yung on YT and thought I'd give it a try. Well let me tell you it is wonderful. Just ordered refills. Keep up the great work

Nancy Apicella ,
This product is what they advertised! Definitely worth it

This product truly works

Iliana Campos ,
Soft hair


Judy L. Skenadore ,
Didn't really notice a difference

I followed the instructions online, and found it took me a long time to fully spray and saturate my hair via the spray bottle (I have long hair and there's not a ton of solution that comes out with each spray). I let it sit for about four hours, and while they're definitely weren't any negative effects, I also didn't really notice and a huge difference following the treatment. My hair might've been a little bit softer following the treatment, but nothing overly memorable or different from doing just any kind of deep conditioning mask.

catherine Suchonska ,
It works!

Easy and much better than other bond treatments. So far loving it

Dalit Cohen ,
Wow just wow I love this product

The first time I tried this my hair felt amazing I'm in love

kanda ryon ,
Curls are loving it!

I love that it is a pre-shampoo treatment! My curls are loving Epres!

Almaelida Lozano ,
So easy and so AMAZING!

My hair dresser said "OMG your hair is in great condition!" It's because of Epres. I NEVER write these reviews, so when it showed up in my emails, I decided to at least say something. I am a product junkie and try everything. I used olaplex in the past until I found this. It's so much easier to use, lasts a long time and works fabulously. Please epres do not stop making this! My 57 year old hair has never looked better!

Lisa Wilburn ,
A miracle!

I've been using epres constantly for about 3 months and my hair has completely changed! I have curly hair and I use heat tool at least 3 times a week to straight it. I haven't had a healthier, smoother and repaired hair as I have it now. The product is easy to apply and you won't believe the results.

Morela Morris ,
Loved it!

I love it. My hair is so soft and shiny after using it. It's also very easy to use and no long steps.

Rachel Burkes ,
Love this product

The Epres bond treatment is like no other. I have fine color treated hair and have always used very expensive shampoos, conditioners treatments etc. honestly, this is the bomb of all treatments. My hair feels like thick shiny unprocessed hair. I just purchased another two bottles. Don't hesitate to buy this product!!!!

Dawn ,

This stuff is the bomb.com. I have long hair, medium thickness and only need to use half the bottle. I keep the other half for the next week. Hair is soft and sleek. I've only used it twice, so I'm not sure if it makes it stronger or not. The blond streaks in my hair are very damaged (from a hairdresser mishap last year) and it really made them more silky

Julia ,
Love it!!

Despite the fact that I get Olaplex treatments regularly at the salon, this at home treatment left my hair feeling softer and shinier than ever before! I absolutely love it!!

Sarah ,
Not What I Expected

Nothing much right now!

Donna Kerester ,
It's like I have new hair!

I try a lot of hair products to repair my damaged hair. Last night, my daughter and I both tried Epres. I love how easy it is to use and the spray bottle makes for an even application in just minutes. We followed the directions and can't believe how soft and shiny our hair is. It definitely worked better on her hair, but mine feels soft and shiny and hers is like silk.

Elise ,

This stuff is a game changer!

Jennifer Crew ,
Great product

Does as advertised.

Marie Mcpherren ,
Aging Hair

Great results immediately and continues to get better as I continue to use it.

Stacy Farsolas ,

Instant difference in my hair. Noticeable difference. Everyone I saw made comments about my hair.

Ericka Martin ,
Great hair

My stylist was surprised at how great my hair felt even after bleaching it for the nightime. Epres is super easy to use and makes my hair soft and pretty.

Laurel Wilson ,
Impressive product

Ive been using this product for 2 weeks and love it.

Julie Downey ,
Best hair treatment EVER!

Ive used Olaplex for years and although I liked the results I was never wowed but this product has literally blown me away. Visible results from the very first wash, love love love!

Rafiah Salam ,
Amazing product

It is amazing. It has changed my hair in less then 2 weeks. Went from frizzy unmanageable to shiny and pretty again.

Carole Dachille ,
Best treatment I've had

I absolutely love it!!! I've only used it twice and my hair is looking healthier already!! I ended up buying the kit which comes with two vials and then two other vials because I do not ever want to run out of this magic potion

Evelyn Santiago ,

For the first time in my life, my hair didn't get frizzy from the rain.

Sherry Kesselman ,

Super easy and my hair has never felt so soft and manageable. Already bought some more for myself and as a gift for my sister. Love it!!

Ganima Duffie ,

The crown of my head has alot of damage and looked dry, brittle and dull. EPRES has restored alot of shine and my ends look smooth and feel less brittle! I don't have the oiliness that I was left with from Olaplex and I like just using one treatment product instead of several. The refillable bottle is great too as I like that it's reusable.

Natalie Sticesen ,
I like it

I love that it's one step. I use this once a week and have noticed a difference in my hair. I have curly 3a hair.

Lynnette Seybert ,
Good product

I really like the results soft bouncy hzir

Renee Wood ,
Great bond

Ive been using it for one week only but live how easy it is to apply, I left it on my hair for about 30-45 min mainly because I get busy doing other things. It is very easy to wash off and you can see/feel the results right away. Will continue to use as needed :)

Esleydi Garrido ,
Impressed with the product but not the spray bottle.

I'm so torn about this. On the one hand, it absolutely, definitely works - I have thick, coarse, curly hair and it was noticeably softer and shinier after the first use, and even more so after the second use. However...one vial lasted *two uses*. Part of that is because the spray is too fine and sprays in too wide an area - I kept feeling like a bunch of the product was missing my hair. A more targeted spray would be much better, in my opinion. I may try putting the second vial into a different spray bottle to see if that makes it last longer, but if it doesn't, I'm not sure I can justify repurchasing.

Amanda Ack ,
Give it a try

Im a hairdresser who used Olaplex on every client every step. After hearing about Epres and doing my own research I gave it a try. I noticed significantly a huge difference immediately right after use.. I can feel the manageability my hair had, and love the softness and shine. I really think you will love it!!

Baby Mendoza ,
Very Impressed

My hair was severely chemically damaged from bleach and although other products helped; the significant difference was noticeable after one use. This is definitely been added to my hair wash routine; and I have shared with friends and hairdresser . Best bonding treatment ever and believe me i have used several other products . What is great about this is that you can still use other styling or leave in . Hoping in the future they have their own line of leave- in treatments or styling products.

Nancy Cervantes ,
Great product

I wish it came with better instructions

julia kaminker ,
Epres bond repair treatment

Unfortunately I didn't have the same positive experience as others reported having. It did make my hair softer but I have thin/fine hair and it made it look even thinner. I will not be buying this again.

Ruth Doran ,

I love everything about this stuff!

Shaylynn Clark ,
So smooth!!!

I love trying hair products because I've been in search of great products for my color treated baby fine straight hair. I live in Louisiana, so everybody's hair is frizzy. Since trying Olaplex, my hair has been so much softer & so shiny! Then I tried Epres. The first time I left it on for several hours. My hair was so shiny, even my bf noticed lol! 2nd treatment, I left on overnight. My hair looked like gold, beautiful, I'm talking like glass shine yall. I will continue to buy!

Bruce Killgore ,
Miracle in a bottle!

This process was amazingly easy, results were fabulous on my course, curly hair! I'm a lifer now! Love way more than my Olaplex!

Silky, smooth

I love this treatment. It makes my hair smooth and easy to brush. I do not love the spray bottle because it sprays all around and it feels wasteful so I actually spray it on my soft bristle brush and brush it in!! It works perfectly! My natural dirty blonde hair has a medium amount of damage from bright blonde highlights. This stuff makes it feel like I've never gotten highlights! Amazing. I leave it in over night and reapply as needed.

Hanna Heberlein ,
Works well but would like better results on my ends

This is awesome for my older, bleached long hair! I wish there was a way for it to work on the ends of my hair! I have tried saturating them and leaving it on for hours. Any suggestions?

Elizabeth Kinnison ,
Great product

Absolutely excellent product! I love how my hair feels after using it! Will continue to buy

Dana Fitzgerald ,
Fixing a pandemic hair problem!!

I have struggled with weak hair, breakage, and increased fallout since I had covid. Many people complain of this long term side effect worldwide. I have tried literally every possible product, working with my stylist. Nothing helped until I read about and tried Epres! SERIOUSLY in 2 weeks besides healthy, soft hair, the breakage and fallout has improved 90%!! You have a customer for life!

Steve Schlosser ,
Shiny hair

I like the shine my hair has after using epres. I've used the famous bond builder for a while and I think my hair is in good shape now after a medicine-related hair loss incident 18 months ago. I decided to use epres one time a week and keep it on overnight. My comment is that I get very wheezy when applying the epres to my hair, so there seems to be something it it that doesn't agree with me. I'll be wearing a mask from now on.

Kate Campana ,

Oh my gosh this is the most amazing hair treatment I have ever used! I have fragile curly hair that is dry and breaks off. I have tried the other science-based treatments and this is by far the best one. My dry hair ends feel smooth and strong which no other treatment has achieved. It says to leave on for at least 10 minutes but I have used it twice so far and left it on for hours up in a bun. Thank you to the chemist who created this amazing stuff. I bought this full price by the way and did not get a coupon or anything at all for this review.

Melinda Valencia ,
Better than Olaplex

Amazing, smooth, much healthier hair after treatment.

Cherie Kris ,
Good so far!

So far so good, only used one time!

J Thornton ,
Great so far

I have extremely thin and brittle hair after a years-long health battle. It is growing back in, but I am desperate to keep the hair that I have! I have noticed less hair breakage, the very damaged parts of my hair aren't as prone to tangling, and there is a new softness and manageability.

Andrea Chapman ,
Wow already working

Have super bad bleach damage. I was bleaching my hair at home for about 6 months queen of the dragons blonde. Went well for a long time, but the last dye really damaged my cuticles, enough that I have some 2 inch shorties hairs. I have been trying to grow it out and those shorties hairs just look damaged as won't lay down well. I've been thinking about cutting it super short to start over. I've been trying oplex and hair strengthers with little change. I bought eprez, wore it overnight and the whole next day. Such improvement. Even a week late can still see the chane

Heather l ,
Ms. Karen

The product is good. I don't like the smell.

Karen Randolph ,

Better than olaplex

Christina Yee ,
The best!

I have tried every single bond repair treatment in the market. By far this is the best, and also the easiest and fastest. A few years ago, I was put on a medication that was a chemotherapeutic agent. It completely trashed my hair, and its been breaking ever since no matter what I do. The medication also made it drier than straw, again no matter what I did. I was heartbroken and spent so much time and money searching for a solution. I couldnt believe how good the results were after one time! Total game changer. And so easy! I am praying the results will be cumulative¦Ive gone through a couple of bottles so far and it seems to be. Thank you for saving my hair!

Noura Bashshur ,
Hair repair & my go to for chemical/heat damage

Few months ago when my hair was significantly shorter and bleached ends I needed something that would repair my hair after, so I got Olaplex. It did the job at the start but it was expensive and then come November, my sister told me about EPRES and I decided to try it out¦. Yall this is no joke, I was actually surprised how my curls were coming back and significantly less hair was coming out🥲 , the softness I cant be 100% sure because my hair is naturally soft and also concerning my split ends, I need to use to use it more to see the full effects but from my first use I do see a difference. I love how they give you two vials because I have really thick/dense 3B/3C hair and used half the bottle. I probably only need just this set or one more and surprise, my hair will be back to its pre-damaged state. * Also first time using it so Im putting, results last : 1 week

Sahar S. ,
Game changer!

I am a die-hard Olaplex girl so thought I'd give this a try. It made my hair SO soft and shiny! Will be adding this to my routine permanently!

Lisa Sabinson ,
I loveeeeee the product!!!

it is amazing; just my third time using...but I see a huge difference on my hair...and I have blond.. damaged, dry hair.... so I can tell that the product works; don't think too long; try; you won't regret!

Hair Repair

Just started using, but wishing there was a shampoo to go with it.

Mary Day ,
softer, noticeable difference

My hair is softer with a noticeable difference after each use.

Caitlin ,
Impressed with my results!

Wow I’ve only used it once so far but I’m already blown away with the results. I have curly hair and this has refreshed my curls, made my hair more soft/smooth, shiny and with less frizz. I love it and am excited to keep using it. I tried k18 which had good results but my results from Epres are already much more noticeable. Thank you for making this product ??

Mana Razavi ,
Didn’t Notice Any Change In First Use

I had high hopes for this product based on reviews but I didn’t see any change in my hair after the first use like others have. I even left it in overnight. I’m not however giving up yet and will continue to use and update my review. It did sound too good to be true that it works so quickly to hair that is damaged but I guess time will tell.

Liana ,
On repeat!

Ive seen an improvement after 2 applications, so Im pleased. Ive started a monthly subscription and Im excited to see what my hair is like after a few months use. Currently transitioning to grey with blond highlights so wanted a treatment to help my hair handle the highlight process.

Lynn Davies ,

Best bond treatment ! Previous Olaplex junkie. The convenience of one step sold me - now I can’t go without it. Makes my 4B hair super soft and tangle free during shampoo. Noticed a difference after the first wash.

Bria Pridgen ,
Epres worked

My hair has been breaking for a very long time due to it being bleached. I kept cutting and thought I will never be able to grow it. This was my last attempt and I used it religiously in between my bleaching twice a week soaked my hair in it and just left it in. 1st I noticed not as much hair in the sink when I would wash. But the true test was when I went to do my last bleach retouch. Usually I can’t even touch it because so much breaks off as it’s drying. I soaked it in epres the night before, then did my bleach retouch. I let it air dry as usual and omg! It worked! My hair was not breaking!!

Natasha Fitzsimmons ,
Restorative yet easy

This is the only product that immediately repairs mu bleached hair. It isn’t that fake product like feeling!! My hair feels stronger and soft without being heavy. I love how easy it use! I have never repurchased any restorative items product.

Munet Ramos ,
Still Waiting…

I’ve just finished my third bottle but cannot say I see results. I do have a lot of damage but the only difference I noticed was a bit of a smoother finish after blowing my hair out that did not last more than a day. Had high hopes esp since it’s not cheap.

Karen Pavlou ,
So far I like it

Finally found this site that has it in Australia yay ?? Now have only used it 3 times so far but Im already seeing an improvement. This is so much easier to apply than the olaplex system & imo it works better. I have fine hair so doesnt take too many sprays to totally wet my hair, I comb it through then clip hair up, go make a coffee & drink it do a couple chores then do normal shower hair wash etc. It has a oily like consistency but but doesnt leave that feeling on the hair. I noticed a difference one first use that even after shampooing my hair that it still feels conditioned (which before it didnt) I dont have to use much conditioner either now. I've noticed less hair breakage as well so I will continue to use this product. Overall Im seeing good results with my hair.

Leonie , Vic
Really like it!

I needed a change! Previous Olaplex user, way to many steps and my results fizzled out. Epres is so easy to use and cuts down time on m y wash days. Leaves my hair soft and smooth so I don't need to use heat if I don't want too. I really like that part! I am very happy and will continue to use!

Happygal ,
Application means a lot of wasted product

I have only used the product a few times consecutively so I'm not confident on the damage repair results yet. Many products make your feel improved but once you stop using the damage is still there. My biggest complaint is the application process. Mixing the vial into the spray bottle for multiple uses means you aren't getting the same amount of product on your hair each time. Also, the fine mist goes all over, not just on your hair, which means a lot of the products is sprayed in the air instead of your hair. For this much $ I want to ensure all of the product is on my hair not the floor. The spray isn't a quick, short controlled spray either, it's a long spray until the trigger is back in place. There has to be a better, less wasteful way.

Sarah ,
Add to the product line

I like the treatment but I have extremely coarse, thick, wavy hair. I don't need extra volume! I would like to see an epres leave-in oil added to the line that would continue to provide bonding benefits without the volume.

Cincy Seide ,
Absolute Magic!

For all of us that can’t do fragrance or thick perfumed treatments that burn…this is magic. I love that it is water based and doesn’t set my scalp on fire like its competitors. Love that it doesn’t have a fragrance. I love that it is easy to apply and the results last—beautiful, shiny, smooth, healthy hair. Love the little glass bottles and the way that mixing it up and leaving it on gives me some spa time at home. Highly recommend.

J ,
In love!

I have dry, thick, relatively curly hair. Originally from the Northeast, I now live in Denver where the lack of humidity has destroyed my ends. I have tired Olaplex, K18, Bondi Boost, and other items. So many of the other hair repair lines have so many products you need to use together for, "best results." But Epres is easy, one step, and has completely restored my hair like nothing else. I wash 2x per week in the morning, put this on the evening before and go to bed and it's amazing!

Kyli Day ,

I had been suffering from split ends and breakage for years due to overprocessing my hair a few years ago and I felt that my hair was taking forever to recover. I constantly had to do hair masks and hair treatments to get my hair to a manageable point. However, I used this product for one week (3x) and I could see the results right after. I now use it about 2x per week and I can honestly say I have never had a product work this fast before! My hair feels soft, and I don’t even have to style it to get it to look less frizzy. I can air dry it and it looks perfect! I will definitely be buying more of this product and have recommended it to all my friends! Love it!!

Jennifer ,
Shiny results

I confess that I had never heard of this brand or product before, but luckily I had the opportunity to try it and I just loved the results. The product is very easy to use. My hair has chemicals, so it ends up getting dry, but with Epres my hair was super shiny and soft. Just after using it once I already noticed a lot of difference in my hair.

Californian girl ,
So great

I was gifted by Epres thesis amazing bond repair treatment. It comes with 2 concentrated bottles and a spray bottle to apply. I love how soft and smooth my hair feels now!! It's like brand new hair!

Michelle knopp ,
Cool product

This is a very cool product. It helps my hair to restore its natural shin. Its very gentle and makes my hair so soft. The spray bottle comes with the package is super easy to use. One small concentrate vial can make 300ml treatment which I believe can last a week for my long thick hair.

Lys ,
Works great for me

The bond treatment is fantastic! I use it once a week and leave it on for 15 minutes before showering. You can easily and quickly apply the product all over your hair thanks to the convenient spray container. This product helps my long hair stay smooth and healthy.

Nikki ,
Great and innovative

The scientist behind Olaplex has launched new bond-building hair care range Epres, with both at-home and professional format treatments... This products are as accessible and easy-to-use as they are innovative... Theproducts are also trusted for their professional-grade formulas and that they truly deliver on the promised benefits and results.. I think its a great product..

Liz Cancio ,
Very impressive

This is such an interesting hair product! I have coloured damaged thin hair.  I'm always looking for the hair care products that can help me with frizziness and can make my hair look healthier. And I was so impressed with Epres BOND REPAIR TREATMENT. The very first time I used it it it made my hair look so shiny and healthy and definitely less frizzy than usual. And this effect lasted for a couple of days. 

Julia ,
Great product

I really like this bond repair treatment. It is very wasy to use. After using it my hair feels so smooth and shine. It works for me! I already add it to my routine. I would recommend it to my friends and family.

Joyce ,
Restorative Treatment

The Bond Repair Treatment is truly a restorative solution for healthier and stronger hair. It is an easy to use, spray on solution that only needs to be left on for 10 minutes or even overnight, if desired. You add one vial of the concentrate to the spray bottle, then fill with water. Two vials are included and you can purchase refills. The spray bottle is very luxe with a continuous spray to cover the hair evenly. I like that it is applied to dry hair and then you wash it out afterwards so its very convenient to use right before a shower. It is a concentrated and powerful formulation that nourishes the hair. It makes hair softer, bouncier, and shinier. Gifted by epres.

K ,
Short hair wonder

Currently I have short short bleached hat that is very thick. Very hard to control and style to make it lay down and wave,. I needed something to give it shine and softness while repairing. Simply poured the product from the small bottle into the applicator bottle added water and I had a sleek easy to use product. The applicator bottle is white and fits in with my bathroom decor nicely. Every morning I squirt it on leave it about 10 minutes and begin to style my hair for the day. My hair has become much more manageable and I can pin curl and wave it without using a half jar of gel. Not as many split ends and there seems to be a nice shine to it now as well. Its definitely a useful product.

Bobbi Jo ,
Hair in repair

Comes with an extremely easy to install and use applicator that is also eye appealing on your sink. My need for the product was to repair colored fine straight brittle hair. After a few applications I could really see a change in my hairs strength. Less breakage and more control. My issue is having extremely oily hair that needs to be washed daily sometimes twice a day. I applied the product away from my immediate scalp and would leave it on for an hour at a time when I could sometimes 20 min if time was limited. After using this hair bonding treatment I was able to use a curling iron on my hair again without fear of it just frizzing up or breaking off. It lasts approximately 5-6 days for me , because I do wash and color my hair so often. Its easy to travel with making it even more appealing. I would def recommend this to others with hair issues.

Audre ,

MUST TRY!! No regrets, loving it

Jeannie ,
Something you have to try


Jake ,
Never seen anything like that


Vawie ,
Wow !!

You have to try this !!

Nedas ,

Truly fascinating!

Shrimpton Dev ,
Incredible product

I can tell a difference in my hair from using this product. Went from brittle and broken to healthy and shiny! Its now one of my favorite parts of my hair care routine!

Sara Todd ,
Healthy Hair!

Product works great. Hair is healthy, super soft, and shiny. The mister is a bit messy but worth it!

Anonymous ,
5 stars

This product is amazing!! I immediately saw a difference with the health and shine of my hair.

Justyne ,
Hair stylist

Nice¦. It felt light and Conditioning without weighing down the hair

Laurie Frigoletto ,
Game Changer (Test)

Love it.

Sarah ,

This is the most beneficial product I have ever used on my hair. It's different in so many ways it actually does what you advertised it would do, it gives doll hair a new life, no split ends and manageable all in one. I can't Rave about this enough everyone should try it. Love love love this product

Jennifer Stricker ,
I absolutely love this!

Before using Epres I had dry, brittle and almost dead hair due to COVID and highlights but since Im using this product my hair is soft shiny, manageable and beautiful! Im very happy that I found this amazing spray which is so easy to use! I highly recommend this to anyone with damaged and dry hair. Its a miracle!

Fay Mostafavi ,
Love love love

This is truly an amazing product- I never write reviews, but I knew I just had to for this. Its also very underground and not many people know about it, so its thankfully never an issue to restock

S ,
Better hair days

I have used this product for a week. My hair feels softer. I will wait and see how much stronger my hair gets. I have fine hair and the older I get its getting frizz. How do you recommend I use this on my hair. I gave saturated my fair at nite and I leave it in my hair through the night. Can that be done

Judith Trujillo ,
Love it!

Definitely so happy I tried this. Other bond treatments didn't make my hair feel good, but this one is fantastic!! The customer service is incredible too! Just know that you don't have to use the entire contents of the spray bottle in one use. You can use half and save the other half to use within 2 months. It should have been stated on the box, but I reached out to customer service and they were so quick to respond and answer all my questions. Only suggestion would be to make the spray bottle either clear or have a clear strip so you can see how much water you're adding.

Stefanie Gianone ,
Great product

So easy to use and results are immediate.

Karyn Dougherty ,

THIS along with the DYSON Corrale Hair Straightener creates shiny, silky hair. Application couldn't be easier -- Olaplex can't hold a candle to epres. I will continue to order the vials.

Deborah ,
Hair looks and feels great!

Super easy to apply and so far after one use my hair looks less damaged and feels really great! Look forward to seeing continued results.

Jaclyn Torrey ,
OMG silky smooth bleached hair!!!

Epres has totally repaired my hair texture. This is an amazing product. I've tried everything on the market. My hair was extremely damaged due to bleach and hair straightening. I used Epres once a week for 3 weeks, game changer! The results last and my hair didn't go back to dry and damage! My hair feels silly smooth. I'm so happy! Best hair repair treatment ever! Thank you Epres!!!!

Helen LaRocca ,
Great Product!

I really like the way it works. Definitely recommend!!

Vawie ,

I love this product! I was afraid i didn't spray enough in my hair, but it was perfect! I have naturally curly hair and it's colored and it usually frizzes, especially since I am in the south! Look at my hair!! Everyone commented your hair looks great! I am sold on this product for sure!

Daniella F ,

This product is life changing, when you have nice hair it just makes you feel better. When I first used this product my hair was pretty damaged and always looking frizzy and dry and generally in bad condition. Now after only two treatments and my hair already looks so much healthier. I would highly recommend this amazing serum, easy to use and is defineatly a game changer when it comes to hair.

Wendy Briggs , maroubra

I LOVE this product. It is a new must in my hair care routine. My hair feels SO smooth after using it. I will definitely be making it a weekly step

Allexis Frost ,
Great product

I have used this product twice and love how it helps with dryness from pools and swimming- my hair is feeling great

AJ Stallings ,
Great product!

Noticeable difference after first use. A natural scent that I wished was a bit less earthy, but proves that the ingredients are simple and natural. My hair felt healthier and has less breakage and I look forward to continuing to use this product.

Christine ,
Amazing Product!!! 5 🌟

I absolutely loved this pre-shampoo bond repair treatment!! My hair has never felt this good! Shiny, smooth, healthy looking and no frizz! An absolute must especially this time of year!

Brenda Gaumond ,

After one use the treatment left my hair feeling fuller and so smooth!! After blow drying and styling my hair had almost no frizz!

Marisa ,
Kinda… Obsessed!!!

Not to be dramatic, but after one use, I can actually say this product is amazing. I took my hair out of box braids, which is usually when my hair is the most tangled. I left the product in for 30 minutes, then washed out. My hair is incredibly soft, shiny, and easier to detangle. I can’t wait to see my hair continuing using the product!

GG ,
Love This Product

I loved it. I used it a few times so that I can give an honest review and its made my hair stronger and softer

Ashley F ,
The best!

I absolutely loved it. It left my hair feeling and looking amazing. I would definitely use it again and again!

Maria ,
Bond Repair Review

I loved how it detangled my hair, made it silky, and definitely took frizz away. Was in rainy weather all day and didnt have any issues with frizz at all. Would warn people it will make your shower slippery if left* and the sprayer was so great and evenly distributed well.

Kendra Middleton ,
Love it!

The scent is good but not too strong- made my hair feel soft and was way easier to style after washing!

Kati Laidig ,
So soft and healthy

Even after just one use I could tell my hair felt so much healthier and softer! And much shinier and easier to style as well. This has become a regular part of my hair routine-- never going back!

Celine Ciccio ,
Absolutely Incredible

Ive been using every hair care product under the sun since I bleach my hair on a regular basis; this is by far the best product Ive ever used and plan on recommending it to everyone! There is nothing else like it, the method with the spray bottle is especially useful because I know Im covering all my hair and not missing a spot. You would never know how damaged my hair was before using this product, after just a few uses my hair looks completely different. You wont regret purchasing this product!

Rachel ,
Love this stuff

I love this! Its so easy and smells great! My hair felt so much softer and healthier after 1 day of using it.

Jen Dempsey ,
Repair treatment review

Worked great! Cant wait to use it again

Brianna ,
Instant and long-lasting results, and SO easy to use!

This treatment made an immediate impact on the appearance and feel of my hair, after just one use. After leaving it in for about an hour, I noticed a difference in my hair's shine and smoothness, and it really brought my hair from dull to full of vibrancy - the effects lasted multiple days, and when I used the treatment again, it improved my texture and appearance even more. One of the best parts of the treatment was its ease of use - instead of having to wear a thick, messy treatment mask, I found this treatment to be incredibly lightweight, with no unpleasant odor, no staining of my towels or clothes, and so easy to apply with the spray bottle. If a treatment is sticky, messy, or annoying and time consuming to apply, I end up never using it, so the fact that the epres treatment is such a seamless and easy process is perfect for me and will keep me committed to consistent use. I expect that if I continue to use the treatment on a consistent basis, I will be able to maintain these great results for months at a time. As someone with heavily color treated hair who is working to repair the damage done by a year of bleaching it platinum, I have struggled to find a product that actually offers a long-term, lasting solution with the satisfaction of instant results, but this treatment is exactly what I'm looking for and has helped a lot with smoothing and aiding my fragile hair, helping in my recovery from the color damage. After coloring it with bleach, the texture of my hair used to be so brittle and rough, but the epres bond treatment made it feel smooth to the touch. Love it so much!

Lucy ,
Absolute Game Changer

I started using the Bond Repair Treatment Kit a little over a week ago and Im already FEELING results. I have extremely fine, dry straight hair and I have to get frequent haircuts because it damages so easily. This makes it very difficult and frustrating to grow it out while keeping it healthy. The bond repair treatment not only felt luxurious to use, but it was incredibly easy and was less messy and more effective than a hair mask. When I say less messy I mean there is no mess. I just spray it on after getting out of the shower, scroll TikTok for a bit or walk my dog and then wash it out and my hair dries wonderfully. It doesnt feel sticky like some hair masks or repair conditioner make my hair feel. I wasnt expecting instant results but thats basically what I got!!! I live in Chicago and winter is absolutely brutal on my hair but Im not worried about it this year. Thank you, epres!!!!

Britlynn ,
Loved the product!

The product worked great and smelled good! I would use it again and recommend it to friends.

Andie Scibetta ,
Amazing product!! 10/10

Works wonders in my hair!!! Keeps those locks looking fresh!!!

Triet Bui ,
From damaged to silky!

My hair suffers from heat damage and split ends. Typically when I blow dry and straighten my hair, my hair looks dull and the split ends become very visible. But after using this product, my was super shiny and you could barely tell that I had any split ends. Would highly recommend for the girlies who want silky shiny hair and and everyday hair that looks like a salon blowout!!

Soy ,
Looooooooves it

This product is awesome and left my hair glossy and smooth

Greer ,
Great product!

As described, my hair really felt stronger and smoother after using this

Amit ,
Leaves hair feeling SO GOOD

Application is so easy! The bottle has some kind of continuous spray that doesnt tire out your hands and makes the product so easy to apply. I have very curly/frizzy hair and I left this on for 2 hours before washing it out. It left my hair feeling SO soft and added shine. I went out in humid nyc summer weather and my hair didnt explode. Cant imagine what continued use of this product would do 🤩

Amina ,
Life saver!

I bleach my hair every 4 weeks and using one treatment completely changed my texture for the better. It's softer, shiny and I can comb my hair!

Brooke Haggstrom ,

Loved it! It made my hair incredibly soft and manageable, and cut down my blow dry time right after using. My hair is naturally curly and I was shocked when I washed my hair for the first time after using the product - my hair was significantly less frizzy and I had one of the best natural hair days Ive ever had.

Emily ,
Hair 911

I loved this product it actually made my hair healthier and feel softer just from one use! Very happy :)

Sophie Levy ,
Finally Platinum & Healthy

I love the lightweight water-based formula that repairs without weighing down my hair. I've given it to my stylist to incorporate into my bleach treatment, and I use the at-home a couple times a week. As a result, I was able to bleach treat my entire hair instead of only treating the roots and now I finally have the platinum look I've always wanted without further damage. It also couldn't be easier to use. I even use it in the morning to spray down bed hair when I need a quick fix and don't want to be bothered with a full wash and blowdry.

Sarah S. ,
Sooo smooth

This spray makes my hair noticeably more smooth and silky! I have thin hair that is easily dried out. I often leave this in for longer than 10 minutes/put it on my hair to dry and its light enough that it doesnt get greasy. Also nice that it doesnt have a super strong scent. Spray bottle helps spread it around well too.

Alicia K ,

This product seriously saved my dry, summer strands! From highlighting to endless beach trips, myblonde hair takes a beating during the summer months and is always in need of intense rehydration. With this product, I simply doused my dry hair with it and left it in overnight. Once I washed it out in the am, I can instantly feel the silkiness of each strand while washing it out. The blowout following was SO soft and shiny!

Angie Patterson ,
Brought My Hair Back To Life!!

Just wow! After keeping the treatment in my hair for 10 minutes my hair was instantly smoother but it seemed to even get softer throughout the day which is unreal. I have colored hair and it's naturally really dry so I was impressed with how effective this was and how quickly it worked. After doing the treatment for the first time, I gave myself a blow-out and my hair has never looked better. I went to my cousin's birthday party that same day and got so many compliments on how healthy my hair looked.

Liz Cordi ,
Savior For Bleach Damaged Hair

I've been bleaching my hair for 5+ years and I've yet to find a product that avoids further breakage until I tried the EPRES Bond Repair Treatment. It's extremely easy to use and even after the first use, I already noticed it made my hair softer, less brittle and frizzy. My hair looks stronger and the treatment has allowed me to keep my very bleached hair looking healthy.

Amber ,
Really works!

The bond repair treatment had my hair feeling so soft and so much less fried on the ends than usual. I have a lot of breakage and split ends from dying my hair in the past but this product made them look/feel very minimal. 10/10 would recommend.

Sophia Heidler ,
We all need this treatment!!

I’ve used many hair treatments (bond treatments, hair masks, etc) and I have truly never seen results quite like this. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair - the texture, shine and overall appearance has done a complete 180 since I started using Epres. It’s a must have!!!!!

Taylor N ,
My hair has never looked so amazing!!!

I absolutely love this product – it’s so easy to use in my routine on dry hair since it only needs 10 minutes to work wonders. That said, my favorite way to use it is before bed and to sleep with it in overnight. When I wash it out, my hair feels so smooth and looks shiny and healthy. The instant results make me want to keep using it again and again.

Lindsey ,
First Timer

I used this and my hair felt great for a week after just one time using it!

Emilee Taylor ,
Easy new step for hair routine

This product was very easy to implement into my shower routine. The application was seamless with the continuous spray on the bottle and it smells great! So far, I have enjoyed using it, but due to the length and thickness of my hair was only able to get about three uses out of the bottle and will likely need more time to determine whether there is a noticeable positive impact on my hair health.

Kate ,
Happy with results

After using the product every other day for a week, I see less frizz and more shine. I am happy with the results.

Heather ,
Great hair treatment!

The Bond repair treatment really helped restore my hair! I have very fine and brittle hair and have tried using products in the past to help give it life again, but never noticed a change, but after trying the bond repair I could see a difference after the 2nd week! My hair feels much softer, stronger, and just healthier overall. This product is now a must have for me!

Stephanie Cameron ,
Great Treatment!

I loved the treatment. My hair looks super shiny and sleek. Definitely recommend. Totally revitalized my ends and looks great.

Melissa Miller ,
Strong Silky Hair

This bond repair treatment is so easy to use. Im noticing stronger, silky hair. Ive been spraying a little extra on the ends to reduce split ends. I love it. The product also has a nice refreshing scent.

Lian ,
Game changer

I have thick red hair and nothing has been able to control the frizz and dryness like this has. Ive been using it 2x/week and my hair is has been so healthy and shiny. Its especially noticeable after a blowout- it stays smooth until the next wash every single time. Even my hairdresser complimented the texture and softness of my hair (which never happens). Would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their hair and make it more manageable.

Jessie Miller ,
Amazing Hair Treatment!

I absolutely loved the epres Bond Repair Treatment because it was super easy to use, smelt amazing, and made my hair feel soft, shiny (but not greasy!), and less frizzy. Will definitely become a staple in my routine!

Maggie C. ,
So Smooth and Lightweight!

My hair has been so incredibly soft since using this product. It is extremely lightweight. A must have!

Lexi ,
Goodbye Split Ends!

After just one use of this product my ends feel much better! I have been bleaching my hair for two years so I have a lot of damage and have been searching for a miracle product like this one!

Jessica ,
Great for Fine Wavy Hair

I've been using Olaplex and then swapped to k18 a few months ago but wanted to give this a shot. It not only worked but gave my fine, wavy hair definition without it being crunchy (it was actually super soft). Bonus, I didn't have to use any additional product-- just sprayed it on, rinsed it out, and plopped my waves up for an air dry. Highly recommend!

Mikaela ,
Amazing product for curly hair

After just one treatment I noticed my curls were shinier, bouncier, and I had more volume. I have 3C curls and this is a must!

Rebecca Charles ,
Hair transformation!

Hair transformation! Wow honestly I did not expect such incredible results from such a simple to use product. My hair feels softer, thicker, my damage is much less noticeable after one use, and Ive actually never seen my curls be as defined because of the amount of heat damage that I have put my hair through. I cannot wait to see what my hair looks like with continuous use of Epres! This is a game changer for the health of my hair

Alexandra Davis ,
Summer Hair Repaired!

I went blonde this past summer and spent a lot of time in the water so my hair was in pretty rough shape! After using Epres twice, I noticed my hair was already starting to repair itself from sun damage. My hair is silkier, shinier and there is noticeably less breakage when I comb out my hair when using the treatment. No more fear of early balding, hooray (I was worried there for a minute)!! Highly recommended trying this out if you're looking for luxurious locks!

Michelle ,
Bond Repair Treatment

It works great! Its super hydrating and restores hair elasticity. Ive had a lot of breakage because of my bleached highlights and my hair felt softer and stronger right after first use.

Monika ,
So far so good

Ive been using it for a couple of weeks now and have noticed a slight difference in my hair! So far so good

Lauren ,

I absolutely love the bond treatment! I use it weekly and leave in for 15 minutes before I shower. The spray bottle is amazing and super easy to distribute the product throughout the hair evenly. I have super long hair and Epres keeps it strong and healthy looking and feeling. Would recommend for hair growth as well. Love it!!!!

Alexa Serowik ,
Where have you been all my life?

Not to sound dramatic but this stuff is a miracle and I still can't believe how soft and healthy my hair looks and feels. I have naturally curly/wavy/frizzy hair and my hair hasn't looked this good since my last Brazilian Blowout. Even my stylist asked me what I am using because my hair has so much shine and body lately. I can also see a massive difference in my hair when I wear my hair curly. My curls are actually much more defined now and they look so healthy. It also definitely helped reduce my frizz. I went back to the east coast during a massive heat wave and high humidity but my hair still managed to look sleek and straight. I knew then that I had to sign up for a subscription for this stuff. I need this in my life forever!

Danielle ,
Cool product

A little confusing to know when to stop filling the water since the bottle isnt clear but once overflowed and figured it it was pretty easy to use. I liked how it sprays easily out of the bottle like a mist! The little glass bottles are also so cute and I wonder how I can beat repurpose them!

Daniella ,
Frizz saver!

I am loving this product. Works amazing to help with any frizz and damage from summer on my hair. I use this weekly and leave it on for an hour. SO smooth!

Caroline C ,

I am in awe of this product! I have never had my hair dry so straight or smooth in my entire life until I used this product. I have very long, dry hair and I was so impressed with the results. I am so excited im able to bring my hair back to life while keeping the length!

Carly Biron ,

I have extremely dry, damaged hair and this product made it feel so soft! I definitely felt as though it was easier to work with and less frizzy after styling. It was also much shinier than usual. My only concern, and why I gave it 4 stars, is that the spray bottle is difficult to control and I feel as though a lot of product is wasted and it gets all over the place.

Julia ,
Obsessed 😍

I am in love with this product. It has become a weekly staple in my routine! So easy and amazing results.

Sarah ,
Less breakage and more shine!!

I saw a noticeable improvement to the frizz and breakage to my hair after the first two weeks, plus the Spray bottle is a super easy applicator!

Sydney ,
Restores damaged hair!

This is a really nice treatment to restore damaged hair. It includes 2 vials of the concentrated formula and one spray bottle applicator. The spray bottle makes it super simple to apply all over the hair. I love how soft and healthy my hair looks after using it! Complimentary from Epres.


Oh my gosh I am obsessed with this. I have never used anything like this before but wow am I impressed. This gives me the perfect boost and life back to my hair and I am so happy with the results. I cant wait to keep using

Shahed ,

Gifted by Epres. This product has made my hair so soft and shiny. My hair is fine and dry and I usually have a problem with products weighing my hair down, but I have not had any problems with this one! I would reccomend it.

bailey ,
So good!!

Gifted by Epres. This product is amazing. It makes my hair feel so shiny and soft. The packaging is so luxurious and aesthetic. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I highly recommend it!

bailey e ,
Love it!

I always using heat tools and always dying my hair so there was lot of damage,but after few days of using this product my hair getting better and better!It shows different !my hair looks much Better and healthier !

Mary ,
So good!!

I saw this product go viral on the internet and my hair has been looking a little dull recently so I wanted to give this a shot. I really enjoyed the spray bottle so I wouldnt have to get my hands messy. I definitely saw a visible difference in my hair after leaving on for about 15 minutes. Definitely a must buy!!

Abby ,
Made my hair less frizzier!

I have dry and damaged hair due to heat and the bond repair treatment made it less frizzier and made my hair feel so soft and healthy. It is vegan and the spray bottle is so good. It helps in spreading the product evenly.

Rosy ,
So good

This hair treatment is a lifesaver! My hair feels so soft and smooth after using this. My curly hair is shinier and bouncier after applying, and its so easy to use. One step treatment makes it simple to incorporate into my normal routine.

g3rgjk ,
Best Bond Treatment!

Woah! This bond treatment literally transformed my hair in one use. My hair was so damaged, dry, with many split ends. I sprayed this 20 minutes before I took a shower and afterwards my hair brushed so easily. When it dried, there was less frizzyness then normal. I love this product!

Maria Halimi ,
New Hair Care Staple

Loving everything about this product so far! My order shipped + delivered very quickly and the packaging was immaculate. The treatment being a spray is unlike any other hair mask I've tried ” kind of weird, but also much less messy and feels easier to do! No weird smells or stickiness either. After just the one use my hair is noticeably shinier and softer. Can't wait to see results after consistent use.

Dani ,
This stuff is incredible

Wow, this stuff is amazing. I'm overdue getting my hair cut, so it's been looking a little straggly. Then I received this and figured I'd give it a shot. It literally transformed my hair. I am amazed how sleek it looks now. Incredible

Shay ,

I’ve used olaplex for a while, and love the formula. This is so much better though! My hair has been feeling significantly more healthy and stronger, especially when heat styling. Hydration has also been improved, so I really recommend.

Kieran ,
Amazing Results!

I started using Epres a few weeks ago and Im in love! This easy treatment makes my curls feel so soft and healthy. I love that this formula is vegan and acid free. 🤍

Lawren ,
Best! Hair! Ever!

LoVe the application and ease of use.........epres literally erased decades of heat, coloring and abuse from my fine, thin hair. My hair is now shiny, healthy and full of volume. This product is the Fountain of Youth for Hair!

Kari C ,
Love it!!

This is exactly what my hair needed. I have alot of heat damage and I didnt know what to use that would actually work. But epres did the job!!

Sydney Graham ,
Salon fresh hair

This treatment made me feel like I had just left the salon for days after use. My hair was soft and sleek between washes and felt/looked healthier almost instantly after I started using the product. 10/10 recommend!

Sora ,
Hair God

The bond repair hair treatment was not only super easy to use but also did wonders for my hair! My hair is naturally curly but I tend to get a blowout here and there and sometimes that can and has caused damaged to my hair due to the heat. The bond repair treatment cures damage in ONE SIMPLE STEP! I am super excited to continue adding this product to my hair routine, bye bye damage!

Taciane Santos ,

I love this product and have added it to my routine. I color my hair and have fine hair from frequent coloring and past Keratin treatments. This makes it SO soft without weighing it down

Kari Stankard ,
The best haircare product.

I've never use a product for bond repair, and it works so good. My hair used to be frizzy but after using it, my hair becomes less frizzy and shiny. I love how my hair looks like now. and will continue using it.

Merel ,
Love it!

This is my new favorite hair repair treatment set. Exactly what I am searching for. The ingredients are different! Whatever they put in, it is great stuff. It is true.. My hair is typically dry and is damaged due to perm and color treatments. This hair repair treatment makes my hair be so soft after I use the product. It smells great. This is a great product for hair repair treatment.

Kaitlyn ,
This is my favorite!

I love this product because it made my hair unbelievably soft. I love the way this hair repair treatment smells and makes my hair wonderful. My hair was dry and damaged due to color treatments. After using the product once a week, I found the difference. Easy to use and the most important thing is my hair turn soft and strong now. Super good product.

Benny ,
Best hair repair treatment product!

This is my new favorite hair repair treatment sets. Exactly what I am searching for. The ingredients are different! Whatever they put in, it is great stuff. It is true.. My hair is typically dry and is damaged due to perm and color treatments. This hair repair treatment make my hair be so soft after I use the product. It smells great. This is a great product for hair repair treatment.

Kaitlyn ,
Stronger,softer healthier hair

The Epres treatment delivers exactly what it promises: stronger, softer, healthier hair. It makes the hair smoother without adding any weight.

Gary Croteau ,
Easy to use

I love this hair treatment, It is very easy to use, just need to mix water with the concentrate, and spray it over the hair and wait for a few minutes. It won't make my hair feels greasy. My hair seems to be healthier than before.

Nicole ,
Love the design

I like the design that mixing water and treatment yourself, which saves lots of weight for shipping (so it is more eco friendly). I use it every morning before I manage my hair. It helps detangle my hairs.

Jane Smith ,
Stronger hair , easy to use , convenience

It is so cool to try this Epres Bond repair treatment. It includes One spray bottle and two concentrates . Easy to install and use , just mix the concentrate with water and shark well before spray to hair . For better results, leave it on for more than 10 mins . Use it one or twice a week for a stronger hair results.

Dbeauty ,

This is amazing!!!! This is the first time I've tried it. I use a ton of hairspray and I still can smell the scent of this during the day. It's not overwhelming but pleasant smelling. You only have to use a little bit of this. Since you use so little, this tube will probably last me a very long time. It is definitely worth the price. I will certainly buy it . I don't want to be without it!!!!!!

Eason ,
Like it

It is definitely some thing different from other hair treatments. I like how fine the mist this spray creates. All you have to do is mixing liquid together and spray it over your head. My detangled hair got improved.

Susan ,
Best repair treatment

Im really glad I discovered this brand Epres. My hair has a lot of split ends and damage from heat so this has helped a lot. I leave the spray in for longer than ten minutes which makes a huge difference. My hair feels way silkier and smoother after being washed. Ill continue to use for more results.

Char ,
Bond treatment that works

I was gifted EPRES bond repair treatment for my honest review. I have only used it twice, once per week but from what I've seen I'm in love. My hair has tight curls and a few loose curls, definitely on the drier side. I'm using it like a protein treatment. After I wash my hair, I wait till my hair is damp then spray the bond treatment all over my hair. Then after 10 mins I rinse it out. My curls are so defined and soft, it looks amazing without using other products. It gives my curls life. The shine comes through and overall looks and feels healthier. I dont add anything on these bond treatments days so I can marvel at its work on its own. The instructions are easy and detailed enough. Add the treatment vial into the spray bottle, fill the bottle the rest of the way up with water to the indicated line. Shake well, now it's ready to be applied. The spray bottle is everything I like the way it evenly sprays continously with one spray. Instead of regular spray bottles that you have to keep pressing down to get more product out. Great for hands that are over worked. I also like that I can reuse the spray bottle for future treatments. I plan to repurchase when I'm out.

JC ,
Good product!

I wanted to try this new brand and see the effect on my hair. I can say that spray itself is unusual. You need to mix water and the ingredient they provide in the box. Nice experience. Then you spray it on your hair. I loved the effect, loved the smell and how well my hair looked after.

Viki ,
Amazing product

I confess that I had never heard of this product before, but luckily I had the opportunity to try it and I just loved the results. The product is very easy to use. My hair has chemicals, so it ends up getting dry, but with Epres my hair was super shiny and soft. Just after using it once I already noticed a lot of difference in my hair.

Californian girl ,

I have already used this produce for two times. it is really help my hair a lot. by the way, my hair is dry and long, which is easy have tangle and not smooth enough, after applying this product. my hair look much more shine and brightly. I will buy again once I finished them

joanna ,
Easy to use and makes my hair more manageable

I recieved this gifted by the brand. This made my dry hair feel really soft after one use and I didn't have to use a ton of product. It smells good and my hair feels healthier and more manageable so I would recommend to others.

Sara ,
Nice product

Complimentary from Epres. BOND REPAIR TREATMENT is a new cool hair care product that I recently had a chance to try. It came with a spray bottle and 2 concentrates. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. After creating the mix of concentrate and water in the spray bottle, I applied and left it on my hair overnight. I washed my hair the next day. I was impressed with the result. My hair instantly looked shiny. It also felt soft and smooth. I plan to use it twice a week to repair and nourish my hair.

Trang ,
Complete hair transformation!

Most of my hair products are by Olaplex, so I was so excited to see this new Epres brand! I have tried a couple hair bond strengtheners, but didnt get the results I was looking for. My hair is chemically treated, and has been dry and brittle. I saw noticeable improvement from this Bond Repair Treatment by Epres immediately, and I've continued see results as far as hair strengthening and softness the longer I use it!

Lisa ,

It is brilliant, I leave it to my hair about 15 mins, it makes my hair shine and soft, I like it is acid free.

glowc ,

I love this treatment for my hair. Ive struggled a lot throughout the years to find something clean and reliable. I have been using this for a while and am so impressed with how it leaves my hair feeling

Shahed ,
I’m Loving The Results

Wow! I’m so impressed with results. I did read somewhere Epres was created by someone connected to Olaplex and I love Olaplex. This bonding spay is so easy to use. I added one vial to the spray bottle and filled it with the water, shoock it applied to my dry hair until it was saturated wet. I waited 10 mins and washed my hair as usual. It made my hair more dense, looking healthy, shiny and beautiful. The only thing it said it only has 4 natural ingredients and one of them ALCOHOL DENAT. I don’t know how healthy it’s for the hair in the long term.

Kate ,
Love it

My Hair in exchange for my honest opinion to test out there foundation I got the shade closest to my skin which, color matched perfectly. I love the packaging with spf 15 and how it blends in nicely esp with the beauty blender idk about the brush haven't done it

Joanna ,
Leaves my Hair Soft and Smooth

This product is amazing for my dry ends on my fine straight hair. I use hot tools on my hair often and it really takes a beating, this product helps correct that damage. I love that you can spray this in your hair and leave it in throughout the day or night. It has a nice light scent that lingers but doesn't clash with my fragrance. I find this delivery system way more pleasant than another popular bond repair product because you do not have to put it on and shower it out immediately. This bond repair product really seems to help with the health of my hair and I love that it is protecting it again the heat I use on it.

Jamie ,

i was honestly very surprised by this products. I have used multiple hair bonding products and they were all ok....but this product left my hair felling so smooth, that it is great. I have pretty long hair and the product does seem to go a long way, i will be able to get multiple uses out of one bottle.

amanda ,
nice hair treatment

I was gifted EPRES bond repair treatment, and I hope it can help with my damaged hair. luckily, it does improve my hair after about 2 weeks. I use it every time after I wash my hair and spray that to my damp hair, my hair becomes softer, stronger and brighter.

Zoe ,

This bond repair treatment is so unique I love the way that it losing my hair feeling so soft and beautiful the shine is absolutely amazing I would highly recommend this product to anybody who needs help and relief with their hair because the stuff is magic

Amy ,
a treatment you can sleep in it

This is a lovely starter kits, when I receive it, it was bigger than what I expect. I love to keave it on my hair for 10-15 minutes. I can see my hair is smoother and healthier after even 1 use. I normally will wash all the thing on my hair before sleep but this one can even sleep in it.

minxh ,
softer and stronger hair

I got this for my sister, sge got a hair strenthening last month. Her hair was dry and damage, she put this on her hair around 20 minutes before washing it off, it really help. She got softer, stronger and heathier hair after this treatment.

minn ,
Love this!

This Epres bond repair treatment worked so well. Super easy to use came with 2 bikes and a container to mix it in. Made my hair soft and smooth. I noticed less flyaways, less breakage, and my hair is more smooth

Amanda ,
Good for frizzy hair

I received this hair bond spray as a complimentary from epres in exchange for my honest opinion. It provides nourishment to my hair and helps strengthen it by bonding the frizzy parts back to the hair.

catcat ,
I Wasn’t Expecting Great Results In Just One Wash

Improve your damage, dull, frizzy and basically any hair problem you might face with this. It is mostly for fixing damaged hair and is not for hair growth. It arrived and I used it the same day. I can clearly see a big difference. I would use it once in a week.

Seeta ,
Healthier looking hair without the salon

I recently have been using the Bond Repair Treatment gifted by Epres. I have dry, frizzy, color treated, curly hair so I need repair as much as possible. I was excited to try this new treatment and it didnt let me down. My hair was noticeably smoother and healthier looking after use. I left it on longer than the recommended 10 minutes (approximately 25-30 minutes). My hair looked noticeably better after continued use.

Jennifer ,
I love it so far!

I was gifted EPRES bond repair treatment for my honest review. I have only used it a couple of times but I am certainly seeing a difference in my hair already! It might be the fastest acting treatment I have ever tried. My hair has loose curles and can be dry and frizzy most of the time. After I wash my hair, I spray the bond treatment all over my hair while it is still damp. I leave it longer than 10 minutes and I rinse it out. It leaves my hair soft, without frizz, definitely hydrated and looking very healthy. My curls are more defined and bouncier It made my hair look really nice without the hustle of using multiple products like I used to. I find it super easy to use and follow the instructions recommended on the site and the product packaging: Add the treatment vial into the spray bottle, fill the bottle the rest of the way up with water to the indicated line. Shake well, now it's ready to be applied. I am actually in love with the spray bottle that comes with the starter kit. It evenly mists continously with one spray. I also love that I can reuse the spray bottle for future treatments. I plan to repurchase refills when I'm out. I love it!

Racha ,
Loved using the product

Easy to use. My hair felt thicker after just two uses.

Irum ,
Easy Hair Repair

Super excited to try this product! Love that the product comes in little glass refill bottles. The spray bottle is amazing and easy to fill. Sprays nicely over hair to just saturate without making a mess. Left on a directed. My hair felt smooth and soft even before washing. Will definitely continue to use this.

Shirin ,
Bond Repair Treatment

For reference, my hair is long (down middle of back) & color treated. I suffer from damage, split ends and environmental living (Michigan). I do get my hair colored at a salon and get a toner treatments done. Simple enough to mix up and no issues with the scent. I did let this sit in my hair for a couple hours. It helped with the frizz, and made my hair really soft. I am hopeful within more uses, it will help strengthen my hair and reduce breakage/split ends.

Lisa ,
Prettier and Softer Already

I was gifted this by EPRES. I've used it twice and I can feel the difference in my hair already. I have a color and highlights and a cut that involved a bit of razor cutting. There are parts of my hair that just don't feel healthy or look smooth and pretty. This really helped that. My hair is softer and in better shape all around.

Kathy ,

Gifted by epres for my honest review. The product comes with one spray bottle and two little glass refill bottles. This is the first time I've tried this type of hair spray and I was super excited to try it. I fell in love with this products. After using this product, I have immediate results. My hair feels soft, and hydrated, stronger and healthier. never heard about this brand before but I will definitely repurchase it.

Cici ,

This is my first time hearing of this brand and I am so impressed with this product. I have been struggling with so many hair issues and I feel like this gave life and a boost to my hair that was much needed

Shahed ,
Good repair

I really like this hair shampoo. Its really nice help hydrated my hair and make it very smooth condition! The smell is very nice too definitely recommend! I brought it two times already. It does very good at repairing hair

Quasi ,
Great product

epres- bond repair treatment was good at preventing breakage and split ends. After one use it makes my hair softer and decrease in frizz. This repair treatment can be used by all hair types, absolutely recommend this product to anyone .

Lily Y ,
Dont need much it goes a long way

This bottle is everything, one of a kind and perfect on every spray that comes out! The bottle is cute and perfect for storage in my bathroom cabinet. This single solution works in just 10 minutes. For better results, leave in an extra ten minutes. 100% vegan as should be. This bottle is everything, one of a kind and perfect on every spray that comes out! The bottle is cute and perfect for storage in my bathroom cabinet. This single solution works in just 10 minutes. For better results, leave in an extra ten minutes. 100% vegan as should be.

Kristen Jimenez ,
Amazing product!

I was gifted this bond repair treatment from Epres and I am thankful to have been chosen to test this product. It's very easy to prepare and use and the results are just amazing. My hair is so soft and smooth and way more manageable. It is for all hair types and textures and I truly appreciate the fact that it's made with vegan biodegradable ingredients... that's just an added bonus! It's a winner in everyway!

Jolene J ,
The easy way to get stronger hair!

Complimentary from Epres. The kit contains a well-designed spray bottle and two 15ml bottles of concentrate that you mix with water (one 15ml concentrate yields 150ml of treatment). Simply spray liberally on the hair before washing and wait for 10+ minutes. Use once or twice a week. My fine hair has a single process color and as a result, can get quite brittle. This Bond Repair Treatment is very quick and easy to use and it leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiny. I have used other bond repair products in the past but Epres will be my new go-to because of the speed and ease of use. I like that it is vegan and cruelty-free and going forward I can buy just the concentrates to avoid plastic waste and save money.

Emma ,

This is a bond repair treatment for your hair. What i recvied was a starter kit. Comes with a booklet, 1 spray bottle, 2 bond repair concentrate. Good thing about this product is you want to save the spray bottle so when you run out you can just order the refills to put in. So first thing you do is take one vial bottle and pour it in the spray bottle than fill it up with water to the line on the bottle and shake very good. Next step = you want to spray on your dry hair and get your whole head wet with this spray. Leave it on your hair for 10 minutes. Than after cleanse your hair. Now you can style your hair. This product is acid free, quat free, Vegan, Cruelty-free to. It does have kind of a scent to it but does go away. So they recommend you use the treatment 1-2 times a week for restore stronger, softer , healthier hair. Does a have scent to it but not awful and does go away. My only complaint about this product is that it is kind of time consuming to spray your whole head especially if you have long hair or thick. Which my hair is long. But other than no complaints at all. So my experience with the bond repair treatment is absolutely amazing, so I want to tell you. I have used it already 2 times. And the bottle is still filled with solution. I'm not sure how many times you can get out of the bottle, I guess depens on your hair length. definitely get your money worth thought. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair after only two uses. I did leave the treatment in my hair for 30 minutes each time. That's was by my choice to do so. I seen my hair my straighter and not so wavy. When I brush it not so much breakage, and softer. I love it also took lots of the frizz away and leaves my hair shiny and hydrated. Doesn't leave my hair oily or greasy. I will buy the refills bottles to keep my hair healthy. I would highly recommend this product.

Buhbine7 ,
Very nice!

So far I really like this product. Its easy to use. The packaging and spray bottle is very nice and works well. I left it in my hair for about 20 minutes. My hair was very soft and smooth after using. It says to saturate hair but My hair is really long and thicker, so it took a lot of the product to do that. I feel if you have shorter or thinner hair this would last you a good while.

Sabrina ,
love it

Very nice packaging, just a little low volume of product, but good for hair repair. I use it twice a week as directed and my hair has become dry and frizzy with a lot of damage due to coloring and perming. After using this product, I really felt a good repair effect and my hair became soft, smooth and shiny, which is really an amazing product.

na ,
Loved this

This was a really good product. Made my hair look and feel replenished and healthy. Left it on my hair for about 10 minutes and the results were amazing. This is something I would definitely recommend and keep using in a daily basis.

StacyW ,

I love this hair treatment. Easy to use, I apply at night or 20 minutes before washing my hair. Hair looks much healthier, more shiny, easy to comb, the ends of the hair do not break off. I will definitely buy more.

Alena ,

I received this complimentary from Epres in exchange for my honest review. I have long hair up to my hip and over time I get split ends. My hair gets thermal damage mostly from weather so I need to find products to help maintain my hair health. I like that I can spray this on dry hair and not have to dampen my hair first like other products. I also like that it's in a spray bottle so it's easier to apply to my hair. I left it on all day and showered at night and wow what a difference. My hair feels so soft and frizz free! Will definitely buy more and use especially the day before a big event.

Gracie ,
So easy to use!

I am big fan off leave-in type of products and even more I love products that are not messy! This is sort of both. You can use it pre-wash and leave on for about 10 minutes before washing your hair or you can apply it at anytime and leave it on for example for the night. The kit come with a handy spray bottle and two 15ml vials of concentrate that you mix in with water (one 15ml concentrate equals 150ml of treatment). Make sure to shake it well before use. I have very fragile hair and this made my hair feel so much softer! I look forward to seeing the long term benefits as I keep using this. I received this as a gift from Epres.

TR ,
Mends damage, detangles, and adds softness and shine

Don't be intimidated by the DIY process of mixing this bond treatment. You simply twist open the spray bottle, pour one of the included concentrates into the base, fill the rest of the base up with water, put the spray bottle back together, and shake to combine. I have thick, long hair that goes to my waist so each concentrate lasts for two treatments on me. Compared to other bond repair products, this spray format is more convenient to apply and less messy. The spray has a subtle, earthy scent and the mist is fine so it coats a wider section of hair instead of putting too much product in any one spot. Even when your hair is saturated, it is non-greasy and doesn't feel oily or weighed down. I apply this treatment once per week. The first time I used it, I left it on for 30 minutes before rinsing and styling my hair. It left my hair softer, shinier, and easier to de-tangle. The second time I did it, I left it on overnight and I experienced more noticeable, longer-lasting results after cleaning and styling my hair the next morning. My hair was less frizzy and my damaged ends were significantly healthier. I'll definitely be purchasing the refills once I finish up the second concentrate because this treatment has become a welcome staple in my haircare routine! Gifted by Epres.

Sarah ,
I love this, my hair looks great!

I recently received a Bond Repair Treatment set complimentary from Epres in exchange for my honest review. My hair has been in terrible shape - over styled, dyed frequently, split ends, until now! I have been using this new product from Epres, a wonderful new bond reparing formula. I apply it generously to my hair, comb it through for ten minutes, then rinse it out and follow up with my normal condotioner.

Renee Cook ,
I like this alot

Epres bond repair was a great product. It was extremely moisturizing to my hair and helped make my hair smooth and shiny. This product was gifted to me complimentary by Epres in exchange for my honest review.

Amanda ,
Excellent Repair Concentrate!

The EPRES Bond Repair Concentrate is went beyond my expectations in regards to repairing and restoring my hair. I added one vile to the container and added water then shaked the bottle and its contents had an immediate effect on my hair once I sprayed it on. I left in on for 10 minutes and then washed my hair. After letting it air dry, I resorted to straightening my hair and it left it amazingly beautiful, manageable and soft to the touch plus provided volume. This product is amazing and of great performance and easy to apply and use. I totally recommend it for value and performance.

Rosie22 ,
I’m Amazed With Epres

I received this Epres Bond Repair Treatment complimentary from Epres. The founder of this product is Eric Presley, who is the inventor of Olaplex, so I knew this would be good! Epres is the next generation of high-performance haircare. Epres Bond Repair Treatment is a breakthrough formula for deep, lasting repair of chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. This highly concentrated, waterless formula consists of four 100% vegan, biodegradable ingredients, is cruelty free, acid free and quat free. Now on to the best part… this kit contains a spray bottle and two concentrates (which can also be purchased as refills) and is intended for use one to two times per week. Epres is so simple to use, you just pour one vile of concentrate into the spray bottle, fill with water, attach sprayer and hair really well. For bond repair, spray the moisture onto your hair until it’s fully saturated, leave it on for atleast 10 minutes, then cleanse your hair as usual. I always leave treatments on for atleast an hour and actually slept overnight. Then I cleansed my hair the next morning and styled as usual. My hair feels 100 times better than it did before using Epres. I have coarse, bleached, damaged, frizzy hair that knots and breaks very easy. Since using Epres just one time I can feel a huge difference in my hair! Typically when I shampoo, my hair feels extremely dry and knots up. I haven’t experienced it a single time since using Epres. My hair is so easy to comb though, feels and looks stronger and healthier. I am extremely impressed and love that each 15ml concentrate can be used a few times depending on hair length. I bleach and heat style my hair so often, that Epres is now going to be an essential part of my haircare routine and can’t wait to see what other haircare Eric and Epres come out with!

Jenn_Marie0914 ,

💥 Epres Hair Treatment 💥 ¤ï¸ I received this exceptional hair care product complimentary from @Epres and @skeepers in exchange for my honest review. 💛 A spray on hair treatment that has given me extraordinary results. It's super easy to use. You just have to empty a vial into the spray bottle then fill with water. Spray on hair to fully saturate it, leave information 10 minutes, cleanse, then style. It literally repairs damaged hair and bonds it's structure. My hair is curly/wavy and I love how it looks and feels after using. It's great for any hair type. You really will be shocked with the results. 💛 It's acid free, cruelty free, quat free, and vegan. You only have to use it twice a week. 💛 Ground breaking hair product. I'm positive you will love it as much as I do. It's hydrating and I had no frizziness after using. Just loving these bouncy curls. This hair care system has an elegance to it. Incredible results!!

Scarlet lofton ,
I love this so, so much!

I recently received this AMAZING Bond Repair Treatment Kit complimentary from Epres in exchange for my honest review, and this stuff works like absolute magic. My hair has been looking pretty sad lately, very dry and brittle with a LOT of broken ends. After a single application of this product (I left it on for almost 20 minutes) my hair looks so smooth and ahiny that my huaband thought I had used a shine spray. I am SO impressed, and will definitely be buying more of this

Dannielle Cook ,
Great innovative product!

I am very impressed by this product, I was pleased with the ease of use and the packaging. I also really liked mixing the product myself, something about it made me feel like it was fresher because I was mixing it myself versus just buying something in a bottle! The sprayer is super nice, I like that it is a continuous spray and allows me to effectively spray my whole head with ease. For reference I have very long, thick hair. I think this product definitely helped repair my hair and I will be incorporating it into my hair routine

Jasmine ,
Great product, very impressive!

I am very impressed by this product, I was pleased with the ease of use and the packaging. I also really liked mixing the product myself, something about it made me feel like it was fresher because I was mixing it myself versus just buying something in a bottle! The sprayer is super nice, I like that it is a continuous spray and allows me to effectively spray my whole head with ease. For reference I have very long, thick hair. I think this product definitely helped repair my hair and I will be incorporating it into my hair routine

Jasmine Knopp ,
Life Saver

I've been using this product for 2 weeks now and my hair has never felt this healthy before! My hair looks and feels 10x softer and does not feel stringy at all. I've tried so many hair care repair products and nothing works quite like this one!

Nadia ,

The results after just one use are amazing! At home but salon quality. My hair looks and feels amazing! Just remember to apply to dry hair¦I almost missed this step lol.

Whitney ,

I wasn't sure what to expect because this was my first time using a at home bonding spray. The instructions were really easy, the glass bottle fit the spray bottle perfectly. It allows you to get every last drop! The spray is like a mist it was awesome. There isn't much of a scent,which was cool. I did have to use the whole bottle/water mixture because I have long thick hair and it just took that much. I left it in a bit longer then ten minutes, as I wanted to be sure every strand got the appropriate time. After my hair was finally dried it felt stronger, like each strand itself feels thicker. My highlights looked a little refreshed as if I had use purple shampoo. My hair feels good! I think I'll use more often, just wish it was more affordable.

Mummyof3 ,
So good!

I was gifted this bond repair treatment from Epres. My hair has not felt so soft and healthy in a very long time!! It is super easy to use. You pour the vial of treatment in the spray bottle and fill the rest of the way with water. I sprayed my hair until it was soaked and let it soak for over 10 mins and then washed and styled. This is an amazing product!

Ashley ,

This was created by one of the original bond builder inventors. The product is free from silicon, fragrance and preservatives. The kit comes with spray bottle where you mix water and the active solution. Then spray all over hair. I like using the spray bottle because the mist allows me to evenly coat my hair, Directions say leave on at least 10 minutes, but I did it at night and slept with it, The starter kit comes with the bottle and then buy refill kit as needed. Gifted by the brand for review.

Alexis mazur ,
Soft hair in just one step

The product itself is super easy to use- I love that its just one step and then rinse. It wasnt super clear on whether youre supposed to apply it to damp hair or dry hair, so clarifying that could be helpful. After rinsing the product out and shampooing, my hair was feeling a bit squeaky, but after conditioning, it was feeling good. After towel drying and completing the rest of my hair routine (leave in conditioner and oil), my hair was feeling very soft! Im excited to continue using this for healthy and beautiful hair! Gifted by epres.

Emily ,

One of my favorite things was the whole idea about mixing it yourself. Its super fun. I wish it had a bit more scent to it if I'm being honest which is why I'd give it a four. However, it stays at a four because there was immediate results. My hair was more hydrated and less frizzy all throughout.

Marlenni ,
It’s a Amazing Item!

I received the free gift from Epres bond repair treatment. This is the perfect campaign for my hair that shows signs of damage, dryness or split ends from color, bleach, thermal, or otherwise. I love this product and it’s easy to use. I was recommended to my friends and family.

Joyce L ,
Game Changer

I've used this Epres bond repair treatment a few times now and I don't really have split ends to worry about anymore. This treatment spray is a game changer for split ends. You just spray it and leave it on for 10 minutes or longer and then wash your hair like normal for great results.

Joseph Vela ,
Love it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this hair product! It helped strengthen my hair which was falling out from stress and poor water quality. It isnt a miracle worker but it works as well as olaplex or other similar products. I love the spray bottle it came with.

Chloe W ,
Definitely recommend!!

Wow I'm actually shocked by the results I got so far from this bond repair treatment. I really appreciate how easy and straightforward the instructions were. I have long, curly hair which is damaged because I love to color and use heating tools on my hair quite often. I love my long hair and I try so hard to not cut it but my hairdresser keeps advising I do because of how bad my split ends are but this repair treatment definitely helped, I just trimmed a little off the very ends. I mixed 1 vile of the treatment in the mixing bottle and filled it up with water. I had to use a little more than half of mixture on my hair for it to be well saturated and I left it on for almost 30 minutes then I washed my hair and dried it, instantly I saw how beautiful and shinny my hair became plus very soft and healthy looking. I would absolutely purchase the refills and continue to use.

Saadiqua ,
Great for dry skin

This is an easy to use hair treatment, I just needed to spray it and leave it on my hair for 10 minutes and let the magic happens. After cleansing, my hair was more manageable, very soft and shiny, it has a good performance about frizz control, which I appreciate it. I like that it comes in a very nice spray bottle and refills can be purchased, that makes it very convenient.

Iris ,

I love how innovative this is! It is so easy to use, just add the vial and water, then spray. The mist is fine and the bottle gives you a spray that lasts longer than expected. After spraying on my hair, there is plenty of solution left for several more applications. The bonding treatment works and I am so excited to use this again. I received this complimentary from Epres.

Melissa ,
Great treatment!

When I saw this was developed by one of the inventors of Olaplex I knew I had to have it! It does not disappoint. I love the shape of the spray bottle and that it's environmentally friendly since you only need to repurchase the glass bottles. I have damaged hair from years if coloring and bleaching and saw an immediate change in my hair after using this one time. My favorite part though is that you use it on dry hair and then get into the shower instead of having to get your hair damp in the shower, hop out for 30 plus minutes, then go back in.

Diane ,
Love it

First time trying the epres hair bonding spray. I like the overall package design, and the spray bottle make it super easy to use. Just mix the concentrate with water, shake, and spray. The scent is very light and it also doesn't make the hair oily. Love the effects so far.

csjaegs ,
Truly amazing

I received this hair treatment gifted by EPRES. I loved the fun mixing and making process. I also liked the idea of spray so itll be easy to put product on my hair. I used it couple times and leave it for half hour. After washing it my hair looked more hydrated and nourished frizz free hair. I also got so many compliments and I recommend it to them as well.

Ayesha ,

I really did not know what to think at first. The packaging and presentation is a little different than I am used to but the instructions are straight forward. I got best results from leaving product on longer than 10 minutes (about 15ish I *think*). I really grew to love this product, especially the mellow fragrance. Sometimes hair products can be overpowering with fragrance but this is not, so bonus points!

Jennifer ,
Finally My Hair Looks Like A Commercial!

This product was gifted by Epres. I have naturally straight, fine texture hair that is fairly thick (lots of hair) and it's color treated and I use heat tools 2 to 3 times per week. Due to my color treatment regimen my ends tend to look a bit dry and I have a lot of flyaways no matter how much I try to repair with masks and deep conditioning. I found this product really easy to use and I love that the bottle is reusable and you can just purchase the replacement small bottles so that there's less waste. The bottle is really nice and sturdy with a sprayer that I would call semi-continuous. When you pull it back to spray it continues to spray for a couple seconds and really lets you get a decent amount of product on your hair with each spray. It's also a very fine mist which I felt like coated my hair really well for my hair type. I left it on for about 20 minutes each time and took the opportunity to do a little skincare mask while I waited. I first used it the day after my coloring routine and noticed immediately how soft and healthy my hair looked compared to how it normally looks quite dry and frizzled after coloring. After using it a second and third time I saw the results get even better. My hair looks so shiny and smooth. It looks like I just went to the salon without actually having to pay for the visit. A little goes a long way and I feel it's 100% worth the cost to get hair that finally looks as good as I always wished it would.

Lindsey P ,

Its a very good shampoo! I shake it when I mix the serum into the bottle. It has good effect on frizzing hair. My hair is very bad but after using it I really like how my hair texture is . I am really impressed

Juism ,

This really does work. I have tried.everytjing, including the original bond repair system, but it was a pain to use. This is super easy. And it had fixed the damage I have from the years of bleach and color. I have fine, brittle hair that broke when simply touched. It's been frizzy for so long that I forgot what healthy hair looked and felt like. I've used epres weekly for the past 3 weeks and it is literally might and day. My hair is stronger and the frozen is gone. No joke. This is an amazing product.

cat anderson ,
Love this Treatment!

I havent seen my hair this healthy in many, many years! I have color-treated hair and epres worked wonders in making my hair look shiny and healthy like it hasnt looked in ages! Thank you!

Nicki Dolce ,
Love it!

Makes my hair so soft

Savannah Taylor ,
A product that gives me hope!

I have professionally permed & colored hair and after applying this product, I found myself losing less hair. (I had previously lost a lot of my hair when my doctor changed my thyroid medication and, also, lost a large percentage of my weight -- this was @ 1-1/2 to 2 years ago.)

Claudia Barbieri ,
Silky Soft

I am truly amazed how great my hair looks and feels after using the bond treatment. My hair was frizzy and dry but after a few uses my hair is like spun silk. I leave it on overnight and wash it out in the morning. My hair is soft and shiny! Epres is my new best friend!

Susan Bain ,
Frizz no more

I went from frizzy hair to nice wavy hair and it's lasted 3 shampoo's

Kathy Lee Doran ,
Great Treatment

Its a very convenient treatment. Just mix in a spray bottle. It come with two bottles. I like that it goes on dry hair prior to washing. I left it on while I did housework prior to showering. My hair was rejuvenated! Truly a fine product for my highlighted fine hair. Looks shiny and healthy. I use Olaplex shampoo and conditioner with this product.

Rosary Bovello ,
Easy to use. Hair is very soft

I have used this 3 times so far. I like the ease of spraying it into sections of dry hair. I feel the product is easier to distribute this way. It has made my hair very soft. I have damage from bleach. I am hoping this helps with the hair fallout and breakage.

Erin Barton ,
Incredible Results

My hair was very shiny and soft. Love the product

mireya zendejas ,
soft, shiny, strong hair

This product is amazing! I love the simplicity and eco-friendliness of the product and packaging, and the results speak for themselves. My hair feels better than ever.

Elle Pressly ,
Really works

The stuff works really well

Stephanie Kallab ,
My HG!

Epres has made a huge difference in the texture and feel of my 4b relaxed hair! It is silky and tangle free! I absolutely love it and have made it a staple in my hair regimen!

Venus Hammond ,
So far so good!

So far I am pleased. I'm looking forward to seeing the long term results.

Karen Lamb ,
Try it!!!

Ive been using epres for 3 weeks now ( I purchased the product) and i have seen an overall improvement in the health of my hair. For reference, I am a brunette with highlights, so chemical damaged hair, and I cant get over the difference this has made with my hair, especially my ends. It looks healthy and shiny.

Jaime K ,
amazing product!

This product surprised me, I often perm my hair, so the hair quality is very bad, root grass like, hair ends are blooming, since I used this product, obviously feel better hair quality, sprayed on the hair ends ten minutes after the normal steps to wash hair, the effect is clearly visible no split ends!

tracy ,
Great product!

I was so excited to try this because it seemed like a new idea. I love that the packaging is sustainable and you can just repurchase refills. It was easy to apply and left my hair feeling softer and less tangled in the shower. I have long, straight, color treated hair.

C Lee ,
Incredible Results w/1st Use

I have at home non bleach color treated hair and it tends to get split ends and frizzy often. I was very skeptical about this new at home bond repair treatment and I must say it totally exceeded all my expectations and my hair looks like I just left the salon with a trim and a blowout! It's super easy to prepare. Just pour a vial into the sprayer to fill line, shake and spray. I would have liked to be able to see the fill line better. It's not clear to see and you have to look into the sprayer and gauge it on your own but that's the only thing I feel needs improvement. The sprayer really impressed me. It's super fine and keeps spraying a few seconds after letting go of the trigger. I have hair to my waist so 1 vial equals 1 treatment but it gave incredible results so it worth every penny. I let sit for an hour but 10 minutes is all you need per directions. After washing and drying my hair immediately looked better. Smooth, no frizz and a very big improvement of my dried, split ends. I will most definitely be using on the regular.

Elizabeth Salazar ,
Love it

First, I was adored by its design. It comes with 2 treatment and 1 spray bottle. Shake it before use. The spray bottle makes it easy to use by delivering mist evenly . I found it gradually helps repair my hair. Gifted by Epres.

Yannie ,
Hair holy grail

this is my new go-to. I use it as a mask for 5-10 mins once a week when I wash. I put in a little bit as an anti frizz serum when its wet and I touch up maybe every 3 days with a small spritz sparingly on my dead ends when theyre looking particularly dry or frizzy. Completely transformed my hair, it looks so much healthier, doesnt weigh it down or anything. This is going to be my singular go-to hair item for damage/frizz from now on. 100% worth the money Id you have frizzy wavy hair that never looks healthy enough

Taylor Lefebvre ,
High quality packaging

I've been using epres for three weeks now and I have definitely noticed a difference in the strength and luster of my hair. I was also very impressed with the packaging that epres came in. The spray bottle is excellent and delivers and even, constant mist. I love that the concentrate is delivered in recyclable bottles.

Cayla Green ,
Love my hair


June Washington ,
Already purchased three as back up

I have colored my long dark brown hair for many years. It has definitely seen its share of damage. I have tried almost every repair treatment/mask/conditioner on the market. Then Epres came into my life¦ I was skeptical, but after first treatment (kept on for 3 hours) the improvement in my hair was night and day. The shine texture and softness was unbelievable. Still skeptical I tried it again the next week and results weee better than the first treatment. Many compliments on hair. RUN DONT WALK TO GET THIS product!

christine cox ,

After I lighten my hair the curls are usually funky and don’t spiral. After just one treatment they were healthy and perfectly spiraling. Could t believe it. I’ll do it at least twice a month for total repair. One step is sooo much better then the previous 2 step product I was using. Highly recommend.

Stephanie LoCicero ,
Great product

Wow! A much needed product for my bleached hair. I have been bleaching my hair for 20+ years and trust me when I say I have tried all products to make my hair look healthy and beautiful. This product was absolutely amazing at making my hair feel so soft!

Julie ,
Hair feels really soft and shiny

Really conditions the hair. Makes hair feel very sleek and soft. Very easy to use!

Nora Escalona ,
Love the product

I'm seeing great results. My hair feels super healthy and looks really shiny!

Ilinca Sipos (1) ,
One step is the best way!!!

It is easy to apply and after 30 years of bleaching, color and chemical straightners it is just been a month and my hair is feeling g more like my hair before I started using chemicals.....

Mabel Pleasure ,

My hair is fine and like cotton most of the time. This treatment has helped with the texture.

Delois Dawson ,
Easy to use. Great results.

I really loved this bond builder. It was very easy to use. After just one use, my hair felt and looked healthier-- less frizz, better curl clumps, shinier. I'm really happy and I will continue to use this product.

Damaris Del Valle ,
Really works!

This bonding repair really works! Blonde highlights, summer dryness killed my hair. Tried Olaplex for years! Just didn't work for me anymore. This does.

Roslyn Kenney ,

The product did wonder to my dull/bleached hair. Hair is now smoother, feels stronger and healthy.

Dennise Sanchez ,
Epres Bond Repair Treatment

The Epres Bond Repair Treatment really gave me the results that I care for at the very first time: Healthy Hair, Volume, Texture, Salon Results @ Home, and Going Again to the Look that I Long for Since the Early 2000 my WAVY-CURLY Style. AWESOME! I have been wearing my hair in a straight style for a long time, but since I first work and treated my hair with Epres Bond Repair Treatment is a completely a different story. I just 'Roller Set' after applying Epres Bond Repair Treatment and then groom my hair with a round brush and a blow dryer to get a complete polished style.

Anayansi Morales-Chong ,
Love it

I really love this product, my hair feels a lot better after i started using it, now i worry less about split ends also really appreciate how easy and straightforward the instructions were! instantly I saw how beautiful and shinny my hair became plus very soft and healthy looking. I would absolutely purchase the refills and continue to use.

Wendys gonzalez ,

After just one treatment my hair was healthy and smooth. I have tried all the other products out there and nothing smoothed my hair like this.

Cassandra Womack ,
It seems to be working

It took 3 applications but it appears to be working. It looks much softer and healthier. I'll let you know after #4.

Lou Barbee ,
The absolute best!

It has been so great for mine and my clients hair! I love the price point, I love the ease of using the product and I love that the kit is environmentally friendly.

Nicole FONDRK ,
My new love!

So easy to use with incredible results!

brilliant product

brillant im a hairdresser Epres works it perform 100% I use it once a week on my hair Beautiful results My hair looks and feels healthy. Great product!!!!!!

Carole Blakeley-Cole ,
Highly recommend!

It really makes my hair more shiny and healthy!

Radmila Bobrushko ,

I’ve been using this product for 6 months and my hair is healthier and stronger and so much longer lol I’ll keep using this product I’m in love ?? see my before and after pics

kanda ryon ,
A noticeable difference

Heat, humidity, color treatments and hard water cause my hair into a frizzy mess. This product has given me a new shine and overall healthier look. I’m happy with my purchase. The spray bottle makes a big difference for applying the product too.

Michelle Lopate ,
So far so good!

I have used it twice so far and do notice a softer texture of hair and seems to be styling better. I have a lot of breakage so I know that will take some time to repair but I think I’m even noticing less broken hairs in the sink when brushing/styling my hair already. I am optimistic and will keep using to see how well it works but so far I am happy with results and hopeful I won’t need to cut my hair short to start over. I do love that I don’t have to wet my hair before applying the product, that always seemed like such a chore with other product.

Rhianna McDonald ,
My epres results

Awesome! I have tried a gew different hair bond products and epres bond repair was by far the best. I noticed softer and shinier hair after the first use. With the second use I actually left it in for a few hours and noticed my hair looked so much healthier, softier and incredibly shiny. This is going to be a staple in my hair washing routine. Thank you..

Patricia Jordan ,
First time! Had to write a review immediately...

Is ‘holy crap’ too vulgar?!! Oh man … I ordered this stuff about the second or third time the ad came up on FB. My hairdresser didn’t want to do my hair anymore after 15 years because he was too tired - it was nearly waist length and thick. I tried someone new - and recommended - and she fried my hair. I mean, literal straw when I wash it and near impossible to get a wet brush through, even with a ton of oil and leave in conditioner. BUT … enter Epres, and I wasn’t sure I left it for the whole 20 minutes but end of day, tired, **before I even washed it out ** my hair felt SO soft. I can’t wait to get up tomorrow and fix it! Thank you!!! (Answering questions below but no time with it yet …)

Jen ,
Love it!!

Tried twice and I can feel my hair are softer and shinier!!

Stephanie Vallerand ,
Simple and effective

I have fine curly hair and really loved my results. The spray was so easy to use and left my hair feeling and looking healthy.

Toni Bellomo ,

My first time with this treament start two week ago . I could see the resullt on my hair since the first time . my hair was very damaged because of the bleach process. I am very happy with my results. 100% recommended.

Madelaine Ojeda ,

This is the best bond repair available!!!!! I love that it has simple clean ingredients, is easy to apply , feels great on your hair , AND gives incredible results !!

Thea Robertson ,

Can visibly see and feel results after one use

Elisa Bookman ,

My hair looked smooth and felt thicker and was easier tobstyle

Patricia Werner ,
already repurchased

i am a swim instructor and my hair desperately needed to help with the chlorine damage in my hair. i spray this before work, put my hair up(and try desperately to avoid tons of water in my hair), wash it out when i get home, and no more stringy tangled post swim hair!

emily ,

My sister told me about this product and the difference it has made in my hair is amazing! My hair hates to be blonde, but I love being blonde. This product has made my hair look and feel so much better after being highlighted. Definitely will recommend!!

Cher McCord ,
Bond repair review

What do I think!? I think that I am in love and obsessed with epres! 12+ years behind the chair and this is hands down the absolute best treatment - the immediate differences I’ve witnessed in my clients hair and my own- incomparable to anything out there !

Nicole FONDRK ,
Game Changer

I must say I have used many products over the years… I’m 56 years old. I Color treat my hair I take excellent care of it. I use Oribe shampoos and conditioner . I also use a product line called Surface, shampoos and conditioners, this product holds and gives my naturally curly hair the youthful look it deserves, I do a root touchup every three weeks and highlights every six and I can honestly say that the bond treatment has changed the texture of my hair the ability for it to hold style, keep style, feels soft and youthful . I do a bond treatment every week, so four times a month. I am completely impressed and I have told many of my friends as well as two family members that both own hair salons to give this particular game changing product treatment It’s full attention!! thank you! thank you !

Paula Buenavista ,

This stuff really works - my hair is so soft after 1 treatment.

Katherine Barrette ,


Cassandra Alefteras ,
Love this stuff!!!

My new best friend! My hair has never felt better!!! I'm in my 40's now and my hair really started to struggle! I'm so happy I found what my hair needs!

Kelly Ritter ,
Amazing product!

I'm so glad I finally tried this! I bought it for my 6-year-old daughter who has crazy, frizzy, completely unmanageable hair, and it has worked wonders! I highly recommend it!

Lauren LaPietra ,